Vanesa Cosmetics offers complete, full-service aerosol formulation and packaging capabilities to meet all your customer’s needs.

Vanesa offers a wide range of products from mass-market goods such as cosmetic and household products, to specific aerosol types dedicated for industrial or medical purposes. Deodorants, Body Spray, Shaving Foam, Mouth Freshener, Air Fresheners, Industrial Spray, Color Spray etc. are some of the aerosols that we manufacture and supply. Vanesa provides you with several options:

  • Expert Guidance: Work with our experts to develop your aerosol formulation.
  • Pre-defined formulations: You can choose any spray product formulation from our vast catalogue on a contract basis.
  • Customised solution: We offer you the service of supplying your own ready-to-fill chemical formulation.
  • Packaging support: You can ask us to develop new packaging for you, or provide us with your own design.
  • Easy labelling: We have the ability to offer Roll-Fed Labelling to our customers.
  • Value-added support: The installation of a high-speed shrink sleeve allows Vanesa to offer its customers added value and marketing options.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: Our high-speed bundlers allow us the ability to offer our customers a quick turnaround time.
  • Security Measures: We have optimal propellant systems that are capable of handling LPG.


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