How important it is to smell good?


There are so many people who think that looking good is the only thing that makes one attractive. However, it is not true as according to a small review paper published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology there are other factors other than the physical appearance that makes one look attractive. And you may find it weird but body odor is among one such factor that attracts people toward you. Smelling good is very important as it is a reflection of your personality and it makes you feel more confident. Having a bad body odor is really a scary thing, it not only hinders your daily life but it also lowers down your confidence and makes you feel uncomfortable in the crowd.

But thank god we have got perfumes, deodorants, etc. for masking our body odor. There is a wide variety of deodorants available in the market today that it becomes almost difficult to choose the best out of them. Many people even get confused between an antiperspirant and deodorant, however, they should know that deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things. Deodorants help to prevent body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration whereas an antiperspirant aims to prevent sweating and wetness in your underarms.

So, today we will discuss some tips to choose the best deodorant for your skin type:

Everybody wants to purchase a scent that aligns with his preference, personality, and most importantly his skin. Finding natural deodorants that work is not so difficult, you just need to know your skin type and you are all set to buy the best product for you.

● If you have oily skin then it is more likely that you will smell far more intense as oils trigger stronger reactions between the compounds in the fragrance and the composition of your skin. Thereby choosing light floral or citrus scents is the right option for you as there is less of a chance you will smell too strong after application.

● People with dry skin should opt for stronger perfumes. Musky, wooden scent or those with headier floral and aromatic notes, are ideal for such people as the potency of these notes allows it to remain on the skin for a longer time.

● Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not purchase a deodorant on a whim because it smells good on someone else, or in the bottle. Always apply some to your wrists to know how it performs over time.

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